To celebrate our 3rd Anniversary we invited along two of the most popular bands to have graced our stage over the years - and thankfully they both said yes to our invite!   The reaction to the night was overwhelming and, if you use social media, you will have seen a lot of very kind comments, wonderful pictures and videos.  What appears here is but a taster of that but should give some insight to what the night was like.

Review By The Tuesday Night Music Club (and others!)

Red Butler’s acoustic set after which they tore the roof off, Richard's little speech, Northsyde stepping off a plane from Sweden and pulling out all the stops, Ray Qureshi guesting, a 17 minute epic jam with Jules Fothergill, Alex Butler and Matthew Long trading licks… Standing ovation after standing ovation…

You think we’re going to try to review last night?   Well think again - it is quite simply impossible for us to conjure up words that would even touch on what is was like... So here are a few comments from the wonderful musicians who took to our stage:

“I honestly don't have words to adequately describe last night's TNMC, so I'll just thank Richard Dunning (Papa), Ray Qureshi, Matthew Long, Alex Butler, Mikey Topp and all in Red Butler, and my Northsyde Boys, for creating/making such a joyful noise.   To the fantastic crowd - mungus THANKS and appreciation for sharing your time and supporting live music in the energetic and wonderful way you do.   We couldn't have this much fun without you!   Last, but by no means least, massive THANKS to Simon Taylor for the excellent on and off stage sound - great Job!   See you all on the 21st November :-) XXX” - Lorna Fothergill - Northsyde

“ a loss for words after last night, the only thing to be said is a MASSIVE thank you to all at The Tuesday Night Music Club for your support, to the incredible Northsyde for their stellar performance and of course Mr Richard Dunning for making all of this possible!!   3 years in the books and many many more to come!   What a fantastic night with so many fantastic people!” - Red Butler

“Absolutely knackered but glad to have gone to the Tuesday Night Music Club last night.   Thanks again to Northsyde for allowing me to shamelessly plug my guitars and thanks for your constructive criticism Jules.   Well done Richard, your club goes from strength to strength and, with the likes of Red Butler, Northsyde and Matthew Long gracing the stage, long may it continue!” - Ray Qureshi

“Well then....... I've just had one of the best jams of my life tonight!   Like for real.   At the Tuesday Night Music Club (Happy 3rd Birthday!) with Northsyde and Red Butler.   As hard as I tried to hang back and not draw attention to myself and not invade on other people's gigs, I still got dragged up onto stage to jam.   And secretly I'm so glad I did because the next 17 minutes were pure magical jamming deliciousness.   With the genuinely incredible one and only Jules Fothergill of Northsyde fame (One of the greatest guitar players I've ever seen, honestly) and Alex Butler, who despite being friends with for about 4 years now, I've never been able to jam with properly due to conflicting schedules, UNTIL TONIGHT!   YAY!   Alex had just done a brilliant set with Red Butler (along with the talented lads that are Charlie Simpson, Mikey Topp and Daniel Patrick Spellman) and the dude can play, and well.   Happy to call him a talented friend.   And of course the stupendous, incomparable, mad, wonderful and insanely talented Lorna Fothergill was shredding away on some incredible vocals.   I never really like watching myself on video performing but I gotta see this again, and I'm sure there was some people filming it all.   Only at one of Richard Dunnings do's!   Well done on 3 years mate.   You've got something really good going on.   P.S. it was also great seeing Ray Qureshi and his wonderful hand built guitars.   You got something there mate.   Wish I had the forward thinking to have picked one of those to jam on.   Jules' Les Paul was proper nice too though.   Keep doing what you're doing man!   And I need to try and see you at one of your gigs soon man.   Right, long status over.   Time for the adrenaline to crash” - Matthew Long

And then there were the comments from the audience…. we won’t repeat them here as it would quite seriously take a whole day to read them (we've just done so!).   The words ‘Gig of the year”, “amazing”, stunning, “unbelievable" do feature quite a lot though!  

Our thanks to all the musicians who took to the stage, to Simon Taylor of EQaudio who delivered the usual crystal clear audio, to John Bull of Rockrpix Photography for the pictures that accompany these words.   But most particularly thank you to each and every person who crammed into The Tuesday Night Music Club and created the magical energy that drove the whole night.

And now it seems we’ve raised the bar once again… what happened last night can never be exactly repeated.   So our job is to exceed it.

See you at The Tuesday Night Music Club soon!

Pictures by John Bull of Rockrpix - clicking on them will take you to the gallery of the night on Rockrpix's website

The gentleman taking the 'selfie' in the picture above is Mr Alan Bates and this is his review of the night.

The Tuesday Night Music Club 3rd Birthday Celebration

Northsyde and Red Butler

Tuesday 1st August 2017

I have read many words today, describing last nights 'happening' at the Comrades Club in Coulsdon.   So many of those present have already contributed worthy articulations that there's probably little else that really needs saying and I could simply agree with all that's gone before and stop right now.....but that wouldn't be me.

Yes, we always knew this was going to be a good one and it's sell out status (many weeks ago) confirmed the standing of the two billed bands on the live scene, both locally and beyond.   Indeed such were the levels of anticipation that the great and good of the gigging circuit assembled early doors, to ensure a vantage point for the nights proceedings.   Fans and musicians alike rubbed shoulders, as friends came together to celebrate the third birthday of this wonderful club and we were off.

With a full ninety minutes to play with, the Red Butler boys showed us the full range of their talents, with a short acoustic set to kick off proceedings.   Yes, these boys can certainly rock, but the opening numbers, taken from the new 'Red Butler -Acoustic E.P', showed the versatility of this four piece from Brighton, with sharp playing and soulful vocals from Daniel Spellman, not least on the Rag 'n' Bone Man cover 'Human'.   Then they got on it, in true RB style and the room rocked from one number to the next.....this indeed is their natural habitat.   Now I (like many) was a little concerned about the future of the band, following the change in the line up, but no longer.   Judging by the smiles, the body language and the interaction on that stage last night, this is the definitive line up and I can only see straight and steady roads ahead.   The addition of the second guitar gives Alex a lot more freedom to come out to play (there's even a bit of Thin Lizzy duel tone going on) and Dan's vocal style suits the material perfectly.   A mix of originals and covers, some audience participation and the introduction of a Big Bad Wolf, made for a well structured set, which gathered momentum and left the crowd howling for more.   When an opening act is not allowed to leave a stage without an encore, they're doing something right, in fact these boys never put a foot wrong.

And then it was time for Northsyde.   I have to confess to being somewhat nervous when Richard told me that the Three Musketeers were still traveling back from Sweden and that Luna cabs had been despatched to the airport, but my concerns were unfounded and the Mighty four hit the stage for a storming set of some old and some new, taking us to even headier heights.   Now you all know I'm a fan right?   Well last night was my first Northsyde gig for some time and if absence makes the heart grow fonder......I've fallen all over again.   Not only are these guys great players, but they do music for the right reason, they just bloody love it.   There are no pretensions here, no delusions of grandeur and not an ego in sight.   In fact, so humble are they, that when praised for their obvious abilities, they prefer to pick fault, where (in my humble opinion) fault is not to be found.   They're slick yet raw, tight but loose and so in love with what they do, you can't help getting sucked in and wanting to party until morning.   The back line is frighteningly good, while Jules really is one of the best guitars on the circuit and Lorna’s vocals are so sincere that you believe every word she says.......raunchy yet classy.   But this was no ordinary (there is no such thing) Northsyde gig, this was a special occasion and therefore fitting that some special guests were in the wings to make this a birthday party none of us would forget.   So onto the stage came three guys to share guitar duties, in the form of Big Ray Qureshi, a returning Alex Butler and Matthew Long from Catfish.   The next ten minutes or so was one of the most entertaining improvised jam sessions I've witnessed. Yes, the occasion helped, the crowd were up for it and these guys were all in the mood, but that said, this was special.   I found myself feeling for Matt, who doesn't seem to be able to go to a gig without someone thrusting a guitar into his hand, but two minutes in he was rocking out with a smile that told the story of the night.

Yes, Northsyde rock, Red Butler Roll, but neither were the star of last nights show.   That particular accolade goes to the unassuming man that makes this magic happen, week in, week out.   Richard Dunning started this whole thing as a one off gig and from those humble beginnings, this wonderful club has grown into more than a weekly musical gathering, but into a family, a community that supports not only live music, but one another.   As Richard said last night, many friendships were formed and have flourished through this club and I for one, have made friends who will be with me for life.

So (here we go), this one was a sell out and yes, it was special, but what about next week.   Will you be there?   This and other live music venues will only survive if you turn up and if you don't, nights like last night will be nothing but a memory.   Live music is an inspiration.   It joins people, it moves people and it removes barriers that need not exist.   So please, support your venue and particularly The Tuesday Night Music Club.

Photo of Richard Dunning courtesy of Phil Honley

There are countless other photographs by the likes of Bob Wilson, Haydn Hart, Ken Jackson, Sarah Reeve, Graham Hutton and many more and videos by the likes of Charlie Dean, Nigel Poulter, Stuart Broderick and others which can be found (largely) on Facebook and which we'll add here as we get time.   But finally, courtesy of Stuart Broderick, this was Richard's speech.