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We're going online!

Using the technology of Zoom we'll all meet up in a 'room', chat for half an hour and then the show will begin.   To bring in the famous TNMC 'No talking' rule we'll mute your mics during the songs but let you unmute them when you are ready to applaud - let's let the artists hear how much you appreciate them

Unlike the Facebook Live shows and the YouTube streams these will be exclusive shows only available to ticket holders.  

Tickets will be limited to 90 - just like they are at The TNMC!

We're also concentrating on artists who are properly set up for a live stream - so, hopefully, there'll be no glitchy video or sound.

Show Number 1 was on 14th April and featured Rosco Levee and Mike Ross

Show 2 was on 28th April and featured Matt Long and Elles Bailey

Show 3 was on 19th May and was The UK Blues Awards After Party featuring

Connor Selby, James Oliver, Dom Martin and Elles Bailey!

Show 4 was on 16th June and featured When Rivers Meet and Ash Wilson

Show 5 was on 28th July and featured Catfish (duo), Robin Bibi and Troy Redfern

Show 6 was on 22nd September and featured Trevor Sewell

Show 7 was on 6th October and featured Redfern Ross Hermanos

Show 8 was on 20th October and featured Rebecca Downes & Steve Birkett

Show 9 was on 25th October (yes a Sunday!) and featured Dan Burnett

Show 10 was on 3rd November and featured Hooson Maguire & Marcus Lazarus and Adam Dalby

Show 11 was on 17th November and featured When Rivers Meet

Show 12 is on 1st December and features The James Oliver Band

And how much does all this wonderfullness cost?  As this is a new venture we're pegging the tickets at just £5.50 per household

Just click below to buy your tickets via Paypal - and in doing so please make sure your paypal email address is correct as,

on the Monday evening preceeding the show,

we'll be sending you your access code for the show to that email address


The James Oliver Band - 7:30pm on 1st December

"...consistently one of the best blues clubs in the UK" - Cerys Matthews, The Blues Show, BBC Radio 2