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On this page we'll try to give you the answers to all those nagging questions.   But if there's anything that's still not answered please do drop us a line at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Getting to The Tuesday Night Music Club

Our address is ℅ The Coulsdon Club, 194 Brighton Rd, Coulsdon, Greater London CR5 2NF

Our ‘What 3 Words’ Address is labs.leaned.level

By Car

We are listed on Google maps and Apple maps so your sat nav should bring you to the door.

Parking is available on street around the venue and is free after 5pm.   Do note that while you can use loading bay spaces after 5, disabled bays are monitored 24 hours a day and we have known of tickets being issued to those parked in them.   If no spaces are available on the street there is a public car park just around the corner in Lions Green Road which is free after 6pm - this is approximately 4 or 5 minutes walk from the venue.  

By Train

There are two railway stations close by;  Coulsdon Town to the North and Coulsdon South to the South.   Both are listed as 7 minutes walk from the venue.

By Bus

Bus routes 60  404  405  463  633 and N68 all have stops within 100 yards of the venue


For most shows we aim to open the doors at 7pm with a scheduled show time of 8pm (These times can sometimes be brought forward - particularly when we have two artists playing so please do check).   Obviously this is subject to the soundcheck having been completed by 7pm - but generally it is.   Excepting staff and band there will be no entrance for anyone prior to the doors being officially opened.   In the event of inclement weather and presuming that the soundcheck has been completed we will try to get the doors open time moved forward to avoid anyone needing to wait outside in rain etc.   However the chances are that the absolute earliest we might be able to do this would be 6:30

To assist you with your departure arrangements after the show we aim to be finished by 10:30pm.

Entrance & Seating

To enter you will simply need to give the surname under which the tickets were booked.   If there are a number in your party please arrive together.  

Choice and availability of seating is on a first come first served basis.   Please do not try to reserve or hold seats for those who have not yet arrived.   This would be unfair on earlier arrivals.    The majority will be able to be seated though, in the event of sold out shows there will be some who are standing - indeed there are some who prefer to stand.


We have a fully stocked bar with all drinks served at extremely reasonable prices.  No, we're not Wetherspoons - but our prices are close!   Tea and coffee is also available as well as (on occassion) some very tasty rolls.  

Disabled Access

As we are located in a Social Club premises unfortunately the provisions for disabled access are limited.  In particular the Ladies toilets are not accessible by wheelchair.  If you are wanting to attend and believe this may be an issue please contact us prior to booking tickets so that we can discuss your requirements and, where possible, make any special arrangements for you.

Playing At The Tuesday Night Music Club

We get two or three enquiries a day from artists or bands who want to play at The Tuesday Night Music Club - that equates to around 750 per year.  With only 52 Tuesdays in the year it goes without saying that not everyone who enquires will be able to play at The Club.  We presently have a list of some 500 'maybe's that are our first port of call if there's a gap in the schedule.   So before enquiring please look at the list of those who have played at The Club previously and ascertain if you fit into the genres and quality that we normally book.  The Club is not free to run so one of our considerations before booking anyone is whether we can sell 100 tickets to see them - this enables us to asess whether we can not only cover our overheads but also pay the artists.  So please ask yourself whether that is likely for your band.  Having done that if you still feel that you might be of interest to us please feel free to email us at with full details.   Realistically there's a high likelihood that the best possible response you will get is that we'll add you to that 'maybe' list.  We try to answer all enquiries but if it's clear that you haven't read the preceeding, almost inevitably, your email will be ignored/deleted.