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for Jules

Oftentimes we’re asked who the ‘Jules’ is that is mentioned in our logo…

This from our founder, Richard:

I originally came to know Jules Fothergill as the incredible guitarist in Northsyde and John O’Leary’s Sugarkane.   Both of those bands have played at The Tuesday Night Music Club; Sugarkane once and Northsyde an incredible five times.  To mention their name triggered a rush for tickets and sold out shows.   Quite aside from the fact that they are an incredible band a lot of that desire to see them at The Club was caused by their being such lovely people.   They became more than performers on the stage.   They became friends.   Indeed they became a part of ‘the family’ for many of us.  

Almost inevitably an appearance by Northsyde at The Tuesday Night Music Club included their inviting other musicians to the stage to play with them, we’d also often see Jules guesting with other bands.   And that was the thing about Jules - he just loved to play.   That love of his inspired others and he did so much to try to encourage them.   Sharing and never asking for thanks - just happy to give.   His encouragement was not confined to just musicians though.

After Northsyde played at The Club in December ’18, a show that Jules played through in some discomfort, I sat down and had a chat with him.   He then said to me ‘There’s something very special about this place and playing here’s always such a joy - please promise me that you’ll do whatever you can to keep it going’.   Needless to say I was happy to make that promise to Jules.

Just a few months later, on 1st March 2019, Jules lost a fight with cancer.

Every time he walked into a room he brought a light with him that enveloped all those around him.   On and off stage his kindness, generosity and incredible talent shone through.   To have briefly felt his presence in my life has been an honour and an incredible pleasure.   The world is darker without him but his legacy shines on through his music and our memories.  Those memories will be perpetuated by our logo bearing the words ‘for Jules’ and our backdrop showing his red Gibson ES-335 leaning at the spot where I made that promise.