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The Tuesday Night Music Club is at:

The Comrades Club, 194 Brighton Rd, Coulsdon, Greater London CR5 2NF

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"...consistently one of the best blues clubs in the UK" - Cerys Matthews, The Blues Show, BBC Radio 2


As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic The Tuesday Night Music Club is now closed for the foreseeable future.

With no clear idea of when things might take on any semblance of normality or when we might be able to recommence shows we are leaving the schedule as it stands.   We will be cancelling shows as we get to a month away from them and, at that stage, you will see a ‘cancelled’ notice next to the show on the ‘Gig Diary’ page.   We are not, at this stage, re-scheduling shows as it would seem crazy to set a new date and then have to cancel that!   But you may be assured that the minute that there is some certainty about what is happening any shows that have had to be cancelled will be rescheduled, presuming the artist’s availability.

In an effort to slow down the flood of messages asking when The Tuesday Night Music Club is going to re-open and/or asking us to book dates for bands here’s our present thoughts.   Please do note in reading this that we're no experts that you should quote, and everyone will have their own opinion and approach to what to do.   The following is therefore just pertinent to The Tuesday Night Music Club.

The first thing to look at will be when the government allows venues to re-open.

At present all the speculation is that this will be some time off just yet.   Looking at other countries plans it would appear that any re-opening (as and when it might come) will be subject to social distancing measures being in place.   This, in many reports, would indicate that venues would have to cut their maximum attendance to 33% of their usual capacity.   A gradual increase may then be allowed once there is clear evidence that it is safe to do so.

The second thing will be ascertaining when enough of our audience feels safe enough to spend the evening in a crowded venue.   With the social distancing and lockdown measures having been in place for some time there will be a natural adaptation period.   Most of us are being mentally conditioned at present to avoid contact.   This will, quite naturally, take some time to get over.   As and when we think the time may be close we’ll be asking our regular attendees for their honest opinions.

Then, taking those two things into account, we will have to look at the financial implications of re-opening.   Being brutally honest, there will be absolutely no point in re-opening until it is financially  viable.   If we were limited to 33% of our capacity the ticket income wouldn’t cover our overheads and/or allow us to pay the bands.   Equally, if we were allowed to fill the venue, if only 50% felt safe attending we’d be in the same position.  

Then we have to re-acclimatise people to the idea of buying tickets and attending shows.   At present almost everything is on demand and, in the vast majority of cases, free to view with at best voluntary contributions.   That is of course fabulous for everyone at the moment and is doing a huge amount of good as it helps raise everyone’s spirits.   But that mental conditioning will come into play again.

And finally - we won’t re-open The Tuesday Night Music Club until such time as we believe we can do so and guarantee the safety of all those attending.   We won’t rush to re-open and risk the health of anyone.

So, our answer to all those questions about when we’re going to re-open is, quite simply, we don’t know!   You may gather from the above though that we won’t re-open until everything tells us that the time is right.   That may well mean that we re-open after a lot of other venues do but we won’t be pressured to do otherwise - as with anything we’d rather get it as right as we can rather than rushing and getting it wrong.  

And in answer to the bands that are asking for dates - before the lockdown we were fully booked for this year.   Since then we have had to cancel over 30 bands dates - they’ll obviously be the first in the queue once we open the diary again.

We know that doesn’t paint the optimistic picture that any of you might like to see but we’d much rather be realistic than be generating false hopes.  

However on a brighter note we are looking into many different options to keep The Tuesday Night Music Club flag flying, to bring you entertainment and to keep the family community together.   Watch this space!  

In our downtime we have set up a YouTube channel.   Each day we are posting a video from a previous show at The Tuesday Night Music Club starting with our very first show and working towards the present.   Do subscribe to it and get notifications when we post a new video.   You can find the Channel at:

The Club is, of course, closed for the forseeable future but that doesn't stop us putting on live shows.  Just join us online through the wonders of Zoom!

Next Show

We'll be anouncing our next online show soon.  

So keep checking back here!