Covid19 Advisory and Safety Measures can be found here:  Respect & Community

Showing Respect:   We operate a policy of not talking when the musicians are playing.  Everyone who is attending a show at The Tuesday Night Music Club has paid for a ticket to see and, most importantly, hear the musicians playing.  The musicians will also appreciate your listening to the music they are creating.    So please show respect to both the audience members around you and to the musicians by not having any conversations when they are playing.   If you're not in agreement with this policy we'd suggest not attending shows at The Tuesday Night Music Club.  

Ultimately we want everyone to have a great time, to enjoy every moment of their evening with us and to do so in an atmosphere that is both relaxed and safe.

Purchasing Tickets:  As long as you are in agreement with all of the above we can now move on to you buying your tickets!   Once you have purchased your tickets we will aim to have an email confirmation with you within 72 hours.  In the event that a show has to be cancelled for any reason we will offer a refund on all tickets purchased    

If of course you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate to contact us at and we will endeavour to answer you as swiftly as is possible.

How To Buy Your Tickets

There are three ways of purchasing your tickets

1/     By Bank Transfer to:

     Account Number:   00860301     

     Sort Code:   20 57 76

     Account Name:   The Tuesday Night Music Club

     Reference:  The show(s) for which you are buying the tickets  

On the listing below check the 'Cash Price' of the tickets you are purchasing, multiply it up by the number of tickets you want to buy and this will give you the amount to pay.  Obviously if you are attending more than one show please add the totals together for each show and pay the total amount.  Please then email to advise that a transfer has been made and advising the tickets for which it was payment.  

2/     By Paypal:

We understand that some may prefer to use Paypal for their professed extra security when making a purchase.  Unfortunately Paypal charge fees and these have to be built into the ticket price.  As such you will find that the cost of tickets purchased by Paypal is slightly more than if purchased by Bank Transfer.   However this extra amount is probably less than the 'booking fees' charged by a typical ticket agency.  

To purchase by Paypal simply find the show that you are booking for in the list below, select the number of tickets required and click 'Buy Now'.   Please note that your confirmation will be sent to your Paypal email address

3/     Through Ents24

Some people prefer to use a standard ticket agency so you can buy tickets for all shows at The Tuesday Night Music Club through Ents24.  The ticket links are here:

28th September - The Head Hunters Blues Band

                                                                      Cash Price:  £10

5th October - Ian Siegal

                                                                      Cash Price:  £10

12th October - The Mentulls

                                                                      Cash Price:  £10

19th October - The Alex Hamilton Band

                                                                      Cash Price:  £10

26th October - Tom Killner

                                                                      Cash Price:  £10

2nd November - When Rivers Meet


9th November - Ashley Sherlock & Laura Holland Duo

                                                                      Cash Price:  £10

16th November - Dom Martin's Savages

                                                                      Cash Price:  £10

23rd November - Northsyde & Hooson Maguire (Duo)

                                                                      Cash Price:  £10

30th November - The Krissy Matthews Band

                                                                      Cash Price:  £10

7th December - The Hiding Magpies

                                                                      Cash Price:  £10

14th December - The Stevie Watts Organ Trio featuring Alice Armstrong

                                                                      Cash Price:  £10

21st December - Robin Bibi's Big Band - Xmas Party!

                                                                      Cash Price:  £10

Robin Bibi's Big Band - Xmas Party Tickets
The Stevie Watts Organ Trio feat. Alice Armstrong Tickets
The Hiding Magpies Tickets
The Krissy Matthews Band Tickets
Northsyde & Hooson Maguire Tickets
Dom Martin's Savages Tickets
Ashley Sherlock & Laura Holland Duo Tickets
Tom Killner Tickets
The Alex Hamilton Band Tickets
The Mentulls Tickets
Ian Siegal Tickets
The Head Hunters Blues Band Tickets